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Your Rights and Responsibilities

*You have the right to live free from oppression, intimidation, coercion and violence.

*You have the right to be treated with respect.

*You have the right to be heard and express yourself.

*You have the right to make decisions for yourself.

*You have the right to informed consent, so that you can make the right choices for you by being given all the relevant information

beforehand. A Counselling Contract can explain many of the aspects of the counselling relationship, and offer you protection.

*You have the right to terminate any session or service agreement at any time if you feel your are not being supported or receiving the

treatment you need or agreed to.

*You have the right to request referral to another practitioner.

We will be honest, respectful, and tolerant at all times. We will be available for all sessions and appointments as agreed, unless in extreme and/or emergency cases. If an appointment needs to be rescheduled due to unforeseen circumstances, we will give you as much notice as possible. We will be on time, prepared, and focused on our time together. We request that you extend the same courtesies to our staff. 

Stardust Counselling welcomes everybody, from any and all cultures, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, ability, and life experience. We support families of all types. We support ALL people. Teach us about your life and experiences. If you feel that we cannot support you in a way that is culturally appropriate, we will be happy to find another provider we can offer a referral to.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which Stardust Counselling currently resides, the Darug and Gundungurra Nations. We pay our respects to Elders past and present. 


Your privacy and safety is of the utmost importance to us. Your private information, case notes, and any files are kept in a secure location. Any electronic files are kept under password protection. Under regular circumstances, your information and notes will not be shared with anyone else. HOWEVER, in extreme circumstances, we may need to pass on certain information if you, or someone else (especially children), are at risk of harm; if subpoenaed by a court of law; or during professional supervision.

Anything discussed during our sessions will be kept confidential, except where required by law. During our ongoing clinical supervision, aspects of your case may be mentioned, anonymously, just as a reference for self and professional development of our counsellors. Notes may be taken during or after sessions of relevant information pertaining to your case, which will be held in your file. 

Stardust Counselling and its employees are bound by certain laws and legislations, including mandatory reporting.

If you, or someone else, especially children, are at significant risk of harm other supports may need to be called in.

Such instances may include:    child abuse, significant high risk of self-harm, harm to others, elder abuse, domestic/family violence, and criminal offences. 

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