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Self-care for those who care so much

Sometimes, self-care is one of the most difficult things we can participate in, but it is so important. When we give so much of ourselves, our time, energy and often, our identity as an individual, finding even a few moments for ourselves can seem impossible.

Whether it's getting a chance to indulge in a good book, a bubble bath, visit with a friend or a weekend away, every little bit helps.

We can feel like the bottom of the family totem pole. Forget our own names, used to being called X's mum or dad, brother or sister, grandparent or carer. We sacrifice our wants and needs for those of others.

Always remember how important you are. You are the star of the show.

If you'd like help working out a way to include self-care into your schedule, or just need a friendly ear to vent to, drop us a line.

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